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The Jessica Foxley Stage Auditions 2013

In memory of my fabulous and much missed sister, Jessica there is a stage held at the Great Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne over the August bank holiday weekend every year honouring her talent as a fantastic singer and musician. AJ and I, my mum Margaret and my dad Paul work with Pendle Leisure Trust to make this bigger and better each year. The idea behind the Jessica Foxley Stage is to give talented young blues artistes that step up that can be so hard to find into the world of professional music, a step up that Jess herself was eager to find. Over its 4 year history the stage has grown to become a major part of the main blues festival with acts from the Jessica Foxley Stage performing on the British, International and Acoustic Stages which people from all over the world come to see. If you want to find out more just check out the website:

We had the honour of being part of the judging panel at this years auditions, held at The ACE Centre. AJ’s only disappointment was that she didn’t get the X-Factor style buzzer she’d requested! To be honest the standard was so amazingly good there would have been no need for it anyway!

Here’s a selection of pics capturing some incredibly talented acts who came from all over the country to strut their stuff for us.

Minor Blues:

Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-001 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-002 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-003 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-004


The 45s:

Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-005 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-006 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-007 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-008


Half Deaf Clatch:

Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-009 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-010 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-011


Tom Byrne and Friends:

Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-012 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-013 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-014 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-015 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-016


Rhiain Thornton:Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-017 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-018 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-019


TC and The Money Makers:

Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-020 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-021 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-022 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-023 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-024 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-025


The Midnight Ramble:

Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-026 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-027 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-028 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-029 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-030 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-031


Lily and Ross:Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-032 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-033 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-034 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-035 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-036 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-047 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-037


Nig Richards & The Primates:Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-038Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-039 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-040 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-041 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-043Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-044 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-045 Jessica-Foxley-Stage-Auditions-2013-046


Unfortunately we missed two bands while we were photographing a christening – Sorry to Bexley Square Blues Band and Brother Duke and The Delta’s, we watched a video of your performances and thought you were fantastic!

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