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      Last Week – A Few Pictures

      Here’s a sneak peek of what went down this last week. More from these wonderful couples coming soon

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      Our Weekend – A Sneak Peek

      It’s been another weekend filled with fabulous people. Thanks to you all for being bloomin’ awesome!
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      1. Margaret and Paul

        August 5, 2014

        What a lovely comment and couldn’t agree more

      2. Wendy Quilliam

        August 4, 2014

        If you want your event to be one which has the wow factor on everyone’s face, when they look through all the photographs of your special occasion, then look no further for your photographers, then your searching has just ended and now you can relax. You can put a tick next to the photographers on your check list, as job done. This couple really know their profession without a doubt, top class, artistic and an eye for flair and distinction. Attention to detail, impeccable.

      Victoria & Alex’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in The Lake District

      The other weekend we met Victoria and Alex at their wonderful house in Bonningate, Kendal. They have chickens, ducks, a big lovable dog called Ike and a stunning landscape right on their doorstep.
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      1. M

        August 15, 2014

        Stunning shots, a loving couple and a beautiful environment! Above all, these photographs radiate happiness! Can’t wait to see the ones from the ‘Big Day’!

      Becky & Amy’s Pre-Wedding Shoot at Denzell Gardens

      We met up with Becky and Amy at the quaint Denzell Gardens for pics and laughs, ahead of their wedding in September.
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      Shining Happy People

      This last weekend was filled with beautiful people, beautiful light and heaps of fun! It really was EPIC!
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