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Our Dinner Party Masterclass

Last weekend we had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a Dinner Party for some of our close family and friends. Our guests were in for a real treat as we’d hired the super-talented chef Dave of D Byrne Catering to spend the day at our house teaching us the tricks of the trade and helping us to prepare our yummy four course meal for the evening! Not only was Dave such a star to work with but his food was out of this world! Here’s how it went…

Dinner-Party-Masterclass-001 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-002

We learnt how to make honeycomb cinder toffee… absolutely amazing!Dinner-Party-Masterclass-003 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-004 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-005 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-006 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-007 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-008 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-009 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-010 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-011 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-012 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-013 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-014 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-015 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-016 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-017 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-018 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-019 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-020 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-021 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-022 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-023 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-024 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-025 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-026 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-027

And spun sugar…Dinner-Party-Masterclass-028 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-029 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-030 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-031 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-032 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-033 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-034 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-035 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-036 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-037 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-038 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-039 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-040

The dessert was an absolute masterpiece and tasted every bit as good as it looked:Dinner-Party-Masterclass-041 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-042 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-043 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-044 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-045 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-046 Dinner-Party-Masterclass-047

A massive thank you to Dave and our fab guests, we had a lot of fun and it was such a great experience! Can’t wait to do it again!

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