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Laneshaw Bridge Party In The Park

This year LBCE (Laneshaw Bridge Community Enterprise) attended the village’s fantastic fair – ‘Party in the Park’. Oli is working with LBCE to run a photography class in the village so we went along for the day for some photo fun and to display some of our work. The theme was ‘Best of British’ and there was plenty of fun and games to be had for all. Thankfully the weather wasn’t ‘typically-British’ – it was an absolute scorcher, so there was a fabulous turn-out and thoroughly relaxed feel to the day as people rolled out blankets on the grass, enjoyed the entertainment and soaked up the sun!

The Alma Inn sponsored a Bake-Off which was a huge success with some incredible cake entries! They also provided lots of free cupcakes for everyone to enjoy – of course we had to sample them… they were delicious!

As well as photographing the event in our Reportage style we decided to have a bit of fun with a gazebo which we styled with some lovely accessories and brought in some vintage props for people to have a giggle with.

It was great to see everyone getting involved with our photo tent, from kids and families to local councillors; Dorothy Lord, Paul White, James Starkie, Christian Wakeford and Oli’s mum, Margaret Foxley as well as local MP Andrew Stephenson. Oli’s dad, Paul Foxley – or Foxley Senior as I like to call him was also filming the day in his reportage style, can’t wait to see the footage! Great people, great food, sunshine and live music – we had so much fun!

To view the full collection and buy any prints please click here

Here’s some of the best from the day…Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-001 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-002 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-003 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-004 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-005 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-006 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-007 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-008 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-009 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-010 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-011 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-012 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-013 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-014 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-015 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-016 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-017 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-018 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-019 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-020 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-021 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-022 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-023 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-024 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-025 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-026 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-027 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-028 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-029 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-030 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-031 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-032 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-033 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-034 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-035 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-036 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-037 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-038 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-039 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-040 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-041 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-042 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-043 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-044 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-045 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-046 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-047 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-048 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-049 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-050 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-051 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-052 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-053 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-054 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-055 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-056 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-057 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-058 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-059 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-060 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-061 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-062 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-063 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-064 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-065 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-066 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-067 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-068 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-069 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-070 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-071 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-072 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-073 Laneshaw-Bridge-Party-In-The-Park-074

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  1. Eddie & Kath Forkgen

    July 23, 2013

    Brilliant photographs and you’ve really captured the moment. Your studio/stand was really successful and greatly enhanced the day. You’ve preserved very cherished memories of a wonderful day!

  2. SMH Photography

    July 21, 2013

    What a great set of images, very unique! Never seen anything like these before very fun! Great work. Steve & Sandra.

  3. sheila hartley

    July 16, 2013

    fantastic photos, love all off them x

  4. Alan Burge

    July 15, 2013

    Wow, lots of absolutely fab photos from the party in the park, I have been looking out for these, somehow all my family have made it into the ‘best of day’ selection, now for the difficult bit, deciding which ones to have prints of! Thanks for making the effort to set the studio and props up.

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