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Honeymoon – A Road Trip

We thought it would be quite nice to launch our new blog with a post about our Honeymoon. For us it just had to be going back to the place where it all started 5 years ago….France! We wanted to see more of that stunning country so we decided to travel the full length of it from South to North, and spread our time out in 2 different Villas in the Aquitaine Region followed by some time at my Dad’s house in the Loire Valley.

Thankfully the weather was glorious so we took full advantage of the pools at our fabulous villas and undertook our honeymoon mission – to chill out! We even managed to conquer the supermarkets with limited French – wine, bread & cheese were all we needed to get by!

We took tons of pics on our little adventure – here are the highlights!


Our honeymoon officially started as we boarded the 2 night ferry to Bilbao – thankfully we opted for their best cabin as we were in for a bit of a choppy crossing. Breakfast in bed and the complimentary macaroons definitely made up for it though:Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-001


We arrived in Bilbao early in the morning so we decided to do a bit of sight-seeing. The Guggenheim Museum was a must for us ‘arties’ and Oli was in his element photographing it. What a stunning building!Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-003 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-004 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-005 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-006 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-007 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-008 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-009 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-010 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-011 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-012 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-013 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-014 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-015 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-016


When we arrived at our first villa we were blown away – absolutely gorgeous! We spent our time eating the most ‘typical’ French foods, drinking lots of wine, playing Boules…. and taking piccies of course Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-017 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-018 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-019 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-020 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-021 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-022 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-023 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-024 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-025 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-026 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-027 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-028 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-029 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-030 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-031 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-032 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-033 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-034 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-035 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-036 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-037 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-038 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-039 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-040 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-041 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-042 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-043 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-044


Biarritz was amazing, the weather was great and the scenery even better. We had a picnic and ate ice-cream – such tourists! Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-045 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-046 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-047 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-048 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-049 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-050 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-051 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-052 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-053 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-054 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-055 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-056 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-057 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-058 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-059


Check out what the French kids do for entertainment – fantastic to watch:Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-060 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-061


Our 2nd villa in Biscarrosse even had a Hot Tub! Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-062 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-063 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-064 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-065 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-066 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-067


And here’s some pictures in and around Biscarrosse:Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-068 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-069 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-070 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-071 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-072 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-073 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-074 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-075 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-076 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-077 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-078 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-079 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-080 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-081 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-082 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-083 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-084 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-085 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-086 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-087 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-088 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-089 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-090 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-091 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-092 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-093 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-094 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-095 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-096 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-097 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-098 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-099 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-100 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-101 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-102 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-103 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-104 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-105


Then finally we rounded off the trip heading north to my Dad’s for a while – the French markets are certainly an experience. Wish we could do it all again!Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-106 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-107 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-108 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-109 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-110 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-111 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-112 Honeymoon-A-Road-Trip-113

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  1. laila wesenlund

    July 4, 2013

    Brilliant photos – did you really have that enormous villa for just the two of you? I am just back from an amazing, month long trip to Norway – wish I had your talent! xx

  2. Charlotte & Scott

    June 25, 2013

    What beautiful photos, it looks like you both had a great honeymoon and thank you for sharing xx

  3. Phil

    June 18, 2013

    Great pics, both of you! Belated congratulations and good luck for everything in what should be a fabulous future for you!

  4. Jeremy

    June 11, 2013

    Wow! What a photographic story! This is why I don’t take pictures any more. I see work like this and think leave it to you guys!

  5. Aunty Linda!

    June 8, 2013

    Sat here with yet another tear in my eye thinking about the wonderful time you both had, gorgeous photos of what looked like an unforgettable honeymoon xxx

  6. Rachael

    June 3, 2013

    Wow! What a fantastic journey you went on – the photos are amazing! It’s so lovely of you to share them with us… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at them! Thank you – xxxx

  7. Key

    June 3, 2013

    Awesome work, even when you’re meant to be relaxing you still mange to take such brilliant shots! Looks amazing x

  8. Jay

    June 1, 2013

    beautiful. just totally beautiful

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