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Happy Anniversary To Us – An Epic Wedding Journey

One year ago today we were donning our finest gear and getting hitched! A day that was a year in the making… and what an epic year it was. Here’s the journey of how we got there with some creative flair, a few hours on Pinterest and a heck of a lot of dedication and support.

We often hear from our lovely couples just how much effort has gone into their day and once we got engaged ourselves it started to become clear just how huge the task ahead was. As Wedding Photographers we’ve naturally seen a ton of styles and designs so we were really keen to do something we hadn’t seen yet. The conclusion was a rustic DIY and slightly French-inspired style!

It all stared one year earlier in April 2012 with a proposal in France at the exact place we first met – it was fantastic! That night we celebrated in style surrounded by our closest family (and lots of French wine). After some giddy wedding discussion from the ladies it was suggested to AJ that she put her creative skills to the ultimate test and make her Wedding Dress. Here began the DIY of our Wedding.

Rewind a few months and I was already gearing up to make things nice and personal by designing the engagement ring – a task nigh on impossible to hide from AJ, but every second was worth it. Some of my initial sketched designs were pretty hideous but I got there eventually The end result was just as I had imagined and I designed it with the wedding band in mind, which now sits happily aligned under AJ’s engagement ring, framing the smaller diamond.


Our first big Wedding project was our invites – wishing to make something unique we went for a DVD invite which was filmed by my Dad (Foxley Film) – he devised the whole concept to it and it was so much fun to make! We want to thank him for all his amazing efforts on this, I think you’ll agree what he produced was pretty awesome!

Check out his website for more videos >>>

After deciding on our Church (St Michael and All Angels in Foulridge) the hunt was on for a Reception Venue. We had our hearts set on a rustic barn where we could put our own stamp on things. As a child I remember family visits to East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley, a National Trust property set in lovely grounds – holding our Wedding Reception in their Airedale Barn seemed like the perfect choice for both of us.


Once we’d set a date and booked the main essentials it was time to get down to the best bit – designing our day. With a little help from Pinterest we settled on a colour scheme of mixed purples, blues and greens – in a whole plethora of shades but mainly pastel hues- something that worked so well in the rustic barn. This gave AJ the ideal excuse to go fabric shopping, one of her favourite hobbies. Being an architect, my Dad measured the whole barn and whipped up some amazing virtual graphics showcasing our grand plan with more or less every detail accurately modelled, a massive help when it came to visualising it all.

1 4 9 12

Our DIY skills were hugely tested on the run-up to our Wedding. AJ’s passion for sewing came in very handy as she put together 200 metres of bunting, my bowtie, the bridesmaids skirts and our flower girl’s dress. We also made all the name cards, favours, table plan, order of service, hundreds of paper flowers for the Reception, and AJ made the bouquets and flowers for church. As a child I was a keen fisherman and have so many fond memories of fishing with my Grandad – another personal touch to our day as I made the button holes from my fly-tying materials.

Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-007 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-008 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-009 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-010 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-011 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-012 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-013 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-014 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-015 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-016 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-017 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-018

The biggest task though was taken on by AJ and that was making her Wedding Dress! Enrolling on a night Dressmaking course at college ensured she was on the right track and within the year she’d succeeded in making a beautiful, elegant dress – such a special part of our day!

Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-019 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-020 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-021 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-022 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-023

Just a week before the big day our DIY projects hit full steam with family descending on our chaotic home – lots of late nights full of parents, sisters, family and friends all crafting away to make place settings, fold paper flowers, cut, iron and a whole host of other tasks. Yes we are mad! Our living room resembled a factory with the women buzzing away on sewing machines, baking cakes, gluing, folding and cutting card, whilst the men folk were modifying tables and building things! It was positively mental! I wish we’d taken more pictures but we were just too damn busy crafting. There were of course a few Chinese takeaways that week

East Riddlesden Hall were kind enough to give us the full day before to set up the barn – this is it in a nutshell…

The day finally came… Friday 12th April 2013, and what a day it was! Every pin prick, every bit of hard work and every late night was totally worth it! We had the most amazing day, one that our family will remember fondly and which we will look back on as the day we were completely ourselves!

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of our amazing family and we owe them the hugest thank you and bear hugs!

Our photographers were the fabulous Laura & Pete Lawson of Lawson Photography and below are just a few of our hundreds of favourites from the day – check out the full post they did on our wedding which showcases more of their gorgeous work here.

Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-024 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-025 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-026 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-027 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-028 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-029 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-030 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-031 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-032 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-033 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-034 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-035 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-036 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-037 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-038 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-039 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-040 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-041 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-042 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-043 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-044 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-045 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-046 Foxley-Photography-An-Epic-Wedding-Journey-047

One of the great things about a DIY Wedding is being able to keep the cost down. All in all our Wedding cost around £8000, less than half the average cost in the UK (of course this just meant we had more money for the Honeymoon!)


Our wedding also got featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings which you can browse here

VENUE: East Riddlesden Hall


CAR: 1960’s Citroen DS – Citroen Owner’s Club

BRIDAL PARTY OUTFITS: Boundary Mill, Colne


GROOM’S SHIRT: Hawes & Curtis

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Lawson Photography


CAKE: Sharon Scott

CHOIR: KVU Singers

RINGS: Whiting & Wilson, Crawshawbooth

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  1. Somerset Wedding Gal

    June 11, 2014

    Gorgeous photos, especially like the groom’s alternative wedding clothing, it works so well and I love the way the theme runs through all these pictures.

  2. Margaret Foxley

    April 12, 2014

    This is simply out of this world – made me cry, so special, classy and yet dreamlike. Can’t put into words how beautiful this is, so immensely proud. xxx

  3. Paul Foxley

    April 12, 2014

    Just got in from filming a wedding (on your wedding anniversary and ours) and this has made my day! Makes it all seem like yesterday, what a magical day it was. The only problem is I still count bunting triangles and paper flower petals in my sleep!!

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