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Anna & Adam’s Bramhall Park Portrait Shoot

Anna and Adam are tying the knot next month so we recently met up with them at the fantastic Bramhall Park for their Pre-Wedding Portrait Shoot.

We had such a lovely time photographing these two lovebirds and judging by the reaction of the ducks below clearly we’re not the only ones who are super excited for their wedding!

Here are the highlights…

Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-001 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-002 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-003 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-004 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-005 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-006 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-007 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-008 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-009 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-010 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-011 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-012 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-013 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-014 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-015 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-016 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-017 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-018 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-019 Anna-and-Adam-Pre-Wedding-Shoot-020

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1 Comment

  1. Mum and Dad, Andrew and Liz

    July 25, 2014

    Gorgeous shots. Looking forward to the great day next month xx

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