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Baby Frankie

Here’s someone special we’d like to introduce you to… this is baby Frankie and she is the latest addition to the Bradshaw household!

Back in June 2012 we photographed Sarah & Tony becoming Mr & Mrs Bradshaw! If you’d like to see some pictures of them looking blissfully happy on their wedding day hop over to their blog post here – Sarah & Tony’s Wedding at Mitton Hall

Eighteen months after they got married we got to meet Frankie and spend some time taking photographs. She was incredibly well behaved and gave us some cute smiles for the camera.

Here’s a selection of our favourites:

Baby-Frankie-001 Baby-Frankie-002 Baby-Frankie-004 Baby-Frankie-005 Baby-Frankie-006 Baby-Frankie-008 Baby-Frankie-009 Baby-Frankie-010 Baby-Frankie-011 Baby-Frankie-013 Baby-Frankie-014 Baby-Frankie-015 Baby-Frankie-016 Baby-Frankie-017 Baby-Frankie-018 Baby-Frankie-019 Baby-Frankie-020 Baby-Frankie-021 Baby-Frankie-022 Baby-Frankie-023 Baby-Frankie-026 Baby-Frankie-027 Baby-Frankie-028 Baby-Frankie-029 Baby-Frankie-030 Baby-Frankie-031 Baby-Frankie-032 Baby-Frankie-033 Baby-Frankie-035 Baby-Frankie-036 Baby-Frankie-037 Baby-Frankie-039 Baby-Frankie-040

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