Happy Anniversary To Us – An Epic Wedding Journey

One year ago today we were donning our finest gear and getting hitched! A day that was a year in the making… and what an epic year it was. Here’s the journey of how we got there with some creative flair, a few hours on Pinterest and a heck of a lot of dedication and support.
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  1. Somerset Wedding Gal

    June 11, 2014

    Gorgeous photos, especially like the groom’s alternative wedding clothing, it works so well and I love the way the theme runs through all these pictures.

  2. Margaret Foxley

    April 12, 2014

    This is simply out of this world – made me cry, so special, classy and yet dreamlike. Can’t put into words how beautiful this is, so immensely proud. xxx

  3. Paul Foxley

    April 12, 2014

    Just got in from filming a wedding (on your wedding anniversary and ours) and this has made my day! Makes it all seem like yesterday, what a magical day it was. The only problem is I still count bunting triangles and paper flower petals in my sleep!!

Gemma & Lewis’ Wedding – Sneak peek

This weekend we had the pleasure of shooting Gemma and Lewis’ wedding at Mitton Hall. Here are a couple of our favourites from their amazing day!
Keep checking our blog for the full collection – coming soon!
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Gemma & Lewis’ Pre-Wedding Shoot in Manchester

Gemma and Lewis are getting married at Mitton Hall next month and we can’t wait!

We met up with them recently and had a little wander around Manchester City Centre to get some loved-up shots before the big day.
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  1. Lesley Holden

    March 5, 2014

    Lewis and Gemma’s photos are fabulous and capture the gorgeous couple perfectly. Your passion and talent for photography is something special. I know both Lewis and Gemma are nervous in front of the camera and I am sure the pre wedding shoot will ease their nerves. Thank you for all you hard work. Xx. Ps how do I order ? Xxx

Emma & Phil’s Pre-Wedding Shoot at Ashton Memorial

We had loads of fun with Emma and Phil at the fabulous Ashton Memorial in Lancaster – the weather seemed to perk up in response to their cheerfulness and the light was magnifique!
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  1. Mike Taplin

    February 18, 2014

    Even brough a tear to her dad`s eye :0)

    Beautiful photos – I believe you spent more than the allotted hour on this. It shows ! Your passion comes through with these wonderful photos of a beautiful in love couple


  2. Tina taplin

    February 18, 2014

    They are so gorgeous, am sat here with tears streaming down my face! Well I am Emma’s mum ! Very beautiful photos and yes they look so in love! So pleased you got her hat off her. Can’t wait for the wedding now. Thank you once again for some wonderful photos.

Mel & Lewis – Wycoller Pre-Wedding Shoot

Last weekend we met up with Mel & Lewis and strolled around the beautiful Wycoller for their Pre-Wedding shoot.
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